Become the Solution


Some events are lived out in your dreams, to avoid dealing with them in daily life. Other times you plan events in dreamtime, in order to live out a daily life of your dreams. Dreamtime is beyond these three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time . . . it's a rehash of past moments, or a window into the future. Both of these still and already exist, but fourth-dimensional time separates them into segments . . . dreamtime puts them back together. The brain is the vehicle you ride through all spacetime. Your brain uses five separate timing programs to work with this. High alert is the timing program at one extreme; deep sleep is at the other end. Deep sleep is called the delta state; theta is dreamtime; alpha is relaxed; beta is very active, and the gamma state, that survival mode . . . is the one on high alert. The further from high alert you are, the longer the program 'time-wave' in your brain becomes. The longer these waves are, the more information they carry; the more information, the greater your awareness of any moment. This is how the inner workings of the universe travel through consciousness and out into spacetime. The theta state is the longest wave you're able to work with while still alert, but this takes great practice . . . go with any longer wave, and your sound asleep. Lucid dreaming and deep meditation are both associated with theta state. In these conditions your brain is fully present; you have access to information unknown to almost everyone. Thomas Edison used this for inventing; Einstein and Tesla used this for discovery; great spiritual prophets, throughout the ages, have used this state to know the deepest "secrets" of creation . . . those hidden from the daily eye. When life sits in the 'cross-hairs' of crisis, like it does today, it's time to access this vast information, for it contains answers to even the questions that have yet to be asked . . . it knows no limits. Our prayer is that you practice daily to access your own dreamtime; discover your 'buried treasures' of wisdom; find the gems that are needed in each moment, and live fully present for everyone . . . become the solution.