Become that Enlightened Pioneer


Over the past months the Earth has smashed through centuries of global temperature records by margins beyond scientific imagination. This data from NASA, has led scientists to call this global trend a “climate emergency”. These same trends were in the prehistory of the planet . . . a time of massive instability; extinctions of untold magnitude, and conditions everywhere that were unable to consistently sustain life . . . we’ve entered this “twilight zone” once again. Science warned the people of Earth to not exceed 350 particles per million (ppm) of CO2 . . . lost in a meaningless debate of denial, you blew through that barrier without a blink and are now at 400 ppm . . . heading toward 600 ppm by the end of this century. 600 ppm was Earth 32.8 million years ago . . . the oceans globally are 60 meters higher . . . that’s 200 feet. The continental coastlines are under water by the end of this century and it’s too late to stop it . . . this includes much of New York, Washington DC and many other ‘vital’ coastal cities. Where will the people and the infrastructure be moved to, and how destructive will the move be? With changes of this magnitude about to shock the world, it’s time for you to shock your world -- refuse to spend a single moment wrestling with, or worrying about the “deniers” -- they’re simply “innocent-ignorant” children without a clue of awareness. Spend your valuable time increasing your intuitive skills -- you’re going to need them far sooner than imagined, for with a “climate emergency” comes all sorts of other emergencies. You’ll be called upon to make time sensitive decisions within a completely uncertain future time . . . be prepared . . . you’re a pioneer in a new reality. Humanity runs out of its “way of life” that’s evolved and improved for eons . . . someone needs to be mindful as these improvements all disappear . . . why not you . . . why not now. Our prayer is that you take this opportunity to become that enlightened pioneer -- not an alarmist, but a realist; show up for this new reality before it’s here and be one who can walk and talk the new evolution . . . be a new “first responder."