Become Fluid on Your Path


Accelerating movements in evolution compare to exercising your body. Rapid starts and stops cause muscle fibers to bunch and cling together out of self-protection. Intentional movements like Tai Chi, Qigong, and the kriyas of Kundalini yoga are helpful for separating these strands of muscles, the nerve lines, and the other tissue fibers to produce a more fluid body. Physical fluidity produces emotional flexibility -- to be emotionally accurate and intimate in the variety of moments taking place in life. Fluidity in all your bodies -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual is an optimal state of development . . . essential for forward movement. Humanity requires this fluidity and flexibility to become forgiving. It’s the only way life can be non-competitive and non-combative . . . but instead become more compassionate in observing and responding.

This is the awakening; this is the path of enlightenment, and this is the balance that your life now longs for. You have massive amounts of instructions on how to do this -- all stored in your incarnate memory. Time is a Mobius strip -- a continuum -- there's no beginning and no end. Your present life is equal to your ultimate life. The path you take is entirely up to you. The inclinations, repercussions, and ramifications are all on the same continuous wave of time. But the more flexible, more fluid, and more calmly you proceed, the more successfully you live in the moments within the process. Your incarnate memory can find the future inside the past, and produce memories of the present that repeat as deja vu . . . you’re mostly water . . . these are the waves. This is what the ancient Vedic masters called Bhavishya . . . “the history of the future.” None of this information has comparisons, or confirmations, nor can it be footnoted. It’s the newness of each moment. It’s the momentum that sits within the resting seed. Your life is up to you, it’s a wave within time and you’re the water.

Our prayer is that you become fluid on your path; work with the ancient memories in your meditations, and do this as a matter of daily fact. The path leading to the present from the brilliant future is here right now . . . take it.

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