Beautiful Food. A Pain killer Juice!


How deep can our relationship with food go? As deep as our values on integrity and honesty about any relationship. Looking at the food in our plate, we can see the mother source of each bite we take. Is the source a healthy environment? Is it filled with care and joy? Did the greens grow with the sun and moon rhythms? Was is picked by a joyful hand? The source of every food is such a delight to connect with if our choice is BEAUTY

Food carries the intention that was invested in it.  Choose food that had a great life…Choose your intention when you eat. Is it to live a healthy life? There is food that is cultivated for the same reason. Become conscious that you are choosing whether or not certain kind of foods are on the market. You are choosing how animals are treated by buying them or not.

We all need to align the beauty in our plate with the beauty of our deepest values of living healthy for all beings, humans, animals and plants.


Juice up 4 carrots

1 cup of fresh organic pineapple

1 orange with the pulp

1/3 cup organic papaya puree

½ to 1 teaspoon of turmeric

Extract the juice out of the ingredients and add turmeric. Papayas are seldom found organic, I suggest the organic puree made by Dynamic Health.

The enzymes bromelain in the pineapple and the papain are both digestive enzymes and they help absorb nutrients. Bromelain and turmeric are both natural powerful pain killers. The beta carotene and C vitamin of the carrot and OJ fire up the properties of this wonderful mixture.  For smoothies, add some coconut milk or coconut puree for a richer taste. Dairy products are not good friends of bromelain.

Do not forget to chew on something when drinking smoothies or juices.  A handful of dried raisins, sunflower seeds or nuts … make sure you do your part… salivating is the most important ingredient in your food intake. It is a must to empower the transformation of food.

Love and many blessings, Shant Joti

Shant Joti (Joceline Marechal) is an author, healer, astrologer and life coach. To schedule an appointment, write to or call 760-586-9811