Be You and Be One


In order to be masterful, Yogi Bhajan said you are the same person in every situation. It doesn't mean that in all situations you are quiet or in all situations you are noisy. But wherever core the quietness comes from, or wherever center the noise or enthusiasm comes from, it's the same person. You're identically the same person whether you're speaking with your mother or you're interacting with your colleague. You're exactly yourself in all situations. That's being masterful. What you have done, is you combined all of your personas into a single being; therefore, you are truly one and it's not a matter of choosing which one you want to be. There only becomes a crowd within yourself when you pull back from the present moment. When you withdraw, you fracture your oneness and you become multiple personas. This of course requires you to make choices as to what part of yourself you want to present. It allows insecurities and reactions to direct which parts of you show up. Instead, let’s practice being fully present in our daily moments. We will grow and evolve from our core rather than scatter and engage from our insecurities. When you enter a room, make it your home and then enable everyone in the room to feel at home. Be you and be one.