Be ‘Who’ You Truly Are


Every human being contains multiple personas made up of the various levels of genetic background, social background, and experiential memory. Who, amongst these, is going to show up in any given moment depends on the mixture of your present conscious awareness and your historical geno-emotional influence. As is known: everything you express outside yourself, mimics something contained within you . . . it's bio-mimicry. Whether it's mental, emotional, physical, or quantum physical -- it's still in this realm of bio-mimicry -- copying, paralleling, and echoing from within. In this process there’s a great need for accuracy, exact measurement, and proof. In today’s world of modern technology you have this accuracy in atomic clocks, fiber optics, satellite communication, rocket launches to distant spaces, and many other parts of science, but on the other hand, the laws of quantum mechanics, the laws at the root of bio-mimicry, are often quite contrary to precision. Known as “fuzzy logic” -- the roots of what you experience at the quantum depths of the biological universe prohibit any probing . . . remain a complete mystery in a realm that requires great faith and trust. The masters taught that this stimulates your ability to know without reasons to know; of knowing without measurements and proofs. This they called “unreasonable knowing” -- it measures without measuring in the “fuzzy” regions of the quantum universe where all your personas are controlled; where the triggers for your emotions rest; where you access, without access, during deep meditations. Science calls this the ‘standard quantum limit’; spirituality calls this pratyahar . . . withdrawing all sensory measure, to know the unknown. Our prayer is that you practice your deep meditations without needing any measurement or proof of progress; that you access -- without access -- the controls of your many personas to always be ‘who’ you truly are, and open the “fuzzy” connections into the unknown . . . knowing without any reasons to know . . . being beautifully unreasonable.