Be the You in You


Telescopes and microscopes have changed the view of this Universe, from the time they were first invented, to the modern day of a Hubble space-telescope and CERN's Large Hadron Collider. These instruments give you an exact view of the world outside of the world inside . . . the so called "let's get real" view. Meditation is also an instrument of accuracy, it can discover the universal balance that prevails everywhere in the outside world by mapping the world inside . . . the real "get real" view. Meditation discovers the balance in a world . . . upside down without any upside. To view this hidden balance, you must first allow the actual moment to arrive within the upside down moment that's obvious; embrace even the most radical nature of any point in this moment . . . this is the core, at the core. Next, within the greater stillness that exists at this core, load up your heart with the calm and deliver it. Then, completely relax, for you are about to receive what's always going around -- now it's coming back around -- from your heart to your heart. This is meditation in real-time -- certainly not wu-wu . . . definitely "gets real" -- and you can do it with your eyes wide open. This is the power of your instrument; the gift of your imagination; the dream of your dreams, for when you completely relax at the core of your core -- you are who you are -- who you could be -- who you can be, or might be; your guide is anything that stands between you and around you. This is truly a "get real" moment . . . because this is the core nature of 'real'. This is your meditative mind as a telescope, as a microscope, as an inner-scope; this allows you the most accurate view of any moment. You see . . . the old phrase, "let's get real" -- was actually -- "let's get fooled and believe it." Our prayer is that you develop the skill to use this instrument of you; telescope your mind and discover the miraculous nature that often seems far too distant; microscope your heart and discover the love that surrounds you and usually appears too faint; become the instrument of your imagination to reveal your reality, and as the wise masters say . . . be the you in you.