Be the Wisdom-Keepers


In the times of Jesus and other great prophets, it was very much like today . . . empire building, disregard for nature, a massive concentration of wealth, and cruelty out of control. To be safe in such times of disregard for higher order, invasive pressures, and ultra-surveillance -- the disciples and Jesus, and every other great prophet in their own particular time of history, took to teaching, speaking and writing in allegory and code. Today these codes -- contained in all the stories that have survived -- are interpreted by misinterpretation and presented by misrepresentation as fragments of fact, and figments of fiction. This misses the deeper lessons; disrupts the true meanings, and doesn’t teach from the universal mind, but is wielded as a weapon of control. This is the current state of many religions around the world -- all based on the true enlightenment of a miraculous prophet, but now corrupted with confusion; misrepresented with competition while vying for a position in an arena that requires no positions. Consciousness is all you own, everything else is a rental . . . even your body is returned when life is over. Your consciousness can grow when these lessons are real, but when there’s no concept of the true history of time, you have no relationship with the consequence of actions in the sequence of time. As life becomes disrupted by this misrepresentation of the prophets, this physical world becomes a dangerous place. False realities pervade throughout the underconscious hordes as the bullies take advantage, and there's always more underconscious than above it . . . always more students than teachers in a classroom . . . Earth is a one-room schoolhouse. Our prayer is that you stop questioning this reality and start addressing it; that you learn magical techniques for teaching with problem students and apply them in this world; that you take the opportunity of this current crisis and evolve your response to the point of miraculous, unexplainable . . . even unimaginable solutions. Be the wisdom-keepers; the light-workers, and the difference-makers this Earth requires, for now is the time, you are a prophet, and you have no choice.