Be the Answer to the Questions


The decisions you make -- to run and govern your life -- come from the five senses you experience as your reality . . . both actual and virtual . . . physical events and virtual thoughts. These experiences lead to a more in depth set of opinions, which lead to interpretations, inclinations and decisions. This is how life unfolds in the midst of time. Once it’s at the stage of a decision, it becomes solid like a fact, but there are many of these facts that are not even close to the truth . . . not even close.

This is the collective nature of human nature -- this is the insanity of mobs -- the formation of the most dangerous animal on Earth. Add all of this together and you have the inventive capacity to create weapons and make laws that attempt to protect the "chosen ones" from the dangers created by their very dangerous roamings about the planet. Today’s looming fiascos raise the critical questions -- where are the rules that govern this creature, when the decisions made by this creature are more dangerous and unaware than the dangers that aren’t there? This is human nature, and human nature is far from natural . . . far from the truth, even though it's based on facts that have everyone believing them to be the truth.

The wiring inside the brains of these dangerous creatures -- forming the opinions, and making the decisions, are genealogically corroded. The wiring is way off -- the standard wiring in the majority of humans has evolved this way to accommodate survival, but this is no longer the purpose of life. These are the questions on your mind because you are here to lead the quest ignited by these questions, and it’s time for the quest. These are the questions of the budding enlightenment that is coming along with this current budding disaster. These are the questions that are in the minds of all those who are experiencing the future in the present moment. These are the questions that are igniting the quest for a future that’s livable and sustainable.

Our prayer is that you’re ready to answer these questions beyond survival . . . to embrace your purpose . . . to gather together . . . to make your move and build the sanctuaries that invites everyone.

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