Be In The Moment... But, What If the Moment Sucks?


If you are having a good time or a bad time will depend upon how you measure time - is this taking too long? - did this come really quickly? - will determine either a good time or a bad time. What if it's a bad time but you have a full concept of another time that is yet to come? . . . and you put more effort into another time yet to come than in the bad time you are in the midst of? Are you miserable or are you hopeful? You're hopeful but what if there is no other time than the time that you are actually in? The old saying . . . be in the moment . . . but what if the moment sucks? It reminds me of the little adage of how to catch a crocodile. All you need is a little tiny attraction, some kind of food that all crocodiles like, a matchbook, a telescope and a pair of tweezers. You go to where crocodiles gather and you put down a little piece of food. When the crocodile comes to eat the little piece of food, you look at the crocodile through the telescope backwards, which makes the crocodile look infinitesimally small. Take the tweezers and pick up the teeny tiny crocodile and you stick him in your matchbook box and you close it. Now you have caught a crocodile. That is an exact replica of the illusion of time. Time is how you perceive it and time adjusts according to your perception.

Your task is to get a hold of the perception controls and then once holding on to those perception controls, maintain your authority to hold those controls for you and no one else. In that process, you will feed yourself with what you need to then adjust according to your desires to have the kind if time that you would want to have. Did you know this is up to you? Did you know that the resolution of this evolution is up to you? Did you know that you can design the moment?