Be Grateful


Be grateful for what you have and all you are. Your body should be seen as a vessel carrying you from where you are to who you are. You are always connected to where you are headed while being exactly where you are. It is the progression of your evolution. This is what yogis call “The River.” Opportunity will open up when you become conscious of the river’s total journey, relishing in your distant connection to the ocean – your destination – all the while embracing your now, your current moment in the journey.

The cosmos has no vacancies. When any movement takes place at your location, equal movement takes place simultaneously at your destination. By occupying the total space in this way – the River – you’re embracing your movement as well as the momentum of your complete vision.

Now you are working with the “Oneness” of nature – God – the omnipresent provider. You’re responding to the conscious openness in your vision. Be very disciplined and don't introduce doubt. It will only cloud the accuracy and disrupts the efficiency of the process.