Be an Outlaw When Laws are Unlawful


Sparks of both love and hate turn woods of space into firebrands blazing trails through time. As the trail turns to ashes, the rains of a loving response creates energy streams to nourish the future of both instances. While hate burns the environment in step one, the fire heats seeds in step two to break open and germinate into sprouts. There's an opportunity that comes from hate; though it’s destructive and corrupted, it’s not the end of the line, or the world. This cycle of destruction into construction is an evolutionary play of levity and gravity that have taken place forever. Gravity is an act of nature, and levity is the power within higher human consciousness.

The creative process has made room for all sides to exist . . . it's the reality of realities that all sides will always exist. The loving process is found in its ability to outflank hate . . . this has taken place throughout the history of life . . . we’re faced with yet another opportunity. Perhaps this planet Earth is a prime location for incarnations to work on these specific challenges of inhuman nature . . . very likely. And though it takes longer, eventually humanity comes back to where love re-seeds the woods . . . the birthing of new trees becomes a joyful process. Things only move too slow when you want them to move faster, and the beauty of pace is when you're at ease with what is. Failure and success are always right there, available within an identical 'space', yet viewed through different momentums of pace. Sidesteps are contrary to a linear world where those sidesteps are called out of line. But then ‘out of line’ is a good thing to be when your goal is to align with the unusual; the opportunities that have never existed before; the unknown, radical, and creative solutions. The current trend for your time is now drawn out of line . . . outside the lines created without creativity by the fearful greed of uninventive minds.

Our prayer is that you're an outlaw in the face of corrupted laws; that you know love will prevail, even when it appears to be failing, and that you keep the faith in the midst of this firestorm of hate . . . for the rains of love are just now coming. 

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