Be a Map Maker


In the days after the “flat-Earth” became “round,” the most valuable items were the maps. With these, the adventurers were able to circumnavigate Earth and explore unknown regions. Once again -- here today -- we’ve reached a moment of profound revelation. Consciousness is becoming infinite -- which is another form of a “flat” world becoming “round.” The new explorers (masters in the making) are traversing regions never visited before by this many people. In the past there have been individuals who have come to these regions in their consciousness . . . religions formed around them . . . then religion quickly deified the powerful individuals. Without maps distributed to their followers -- ones that explained that they too could be as great as the master -- the masters were simply worshipped and the masses remained unable to explore. The Bhavishya Purana is one of the eighteen major Puranas -- sacred Sanskrit texts from the world of yoga, meditation and Vedic wisdom. Written thousands of years ago, from oral teachings dating back tens of thousands of years, the title Bhavishya means "history of the future" and this implies a script of prophecies. In fact, they are detailed “maps” of what always happens throughout three dimensional spaces, over the periods of fourth dimensional times. These scripts speak of this present time in history. We are at a completely different moment than has ever been before; many amongst the masses are ready to explore where the great prophets and masters walked. This is not the time of masters as individuals to be held in reverence, this is now the time for masterful greatness to be shared . . . this is the time for you, and all others like you, to have the courage to explore and share the unknown. The maps of now are the practices that allow you to explore your vast higher awareness. Our prayer is that you are a map maker; that you explore the regions within your highest psycho-emotional territory and map the way for all those to follow; be a leader who isn’t concerned about gathering followers, but is determined to simply shine a light on the trails ahead . . . be that light . . . shine into the future from the present darkness.