Be a Light-Savior


With this current wave of global political anger, there’s a rise of industrial denialism, an un-evolved collective consciousness that’s ignoring the truth of this moment, while blaming the symptoms on unrelated reasons for economic benefit. Throughout the vast history of life, this mimics the signature habits of every lifeform that’s ever gone into extinction. The early effects of this un-evolved denialism are already in motion as sea levels rise -- soon to increase exponentially -- all a result of the rapidly melting Greenland, Arctic, and Antarctic glaciers. The ultimate results of this denialism will occur as every coastal city goes under. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, and Polynesia already see millions abandoning their homes, lands, and lives as the sea rises. The migration crisis, massive by today’s view, will be just one global aspect in a new geological era -- the Anthropocene era -- catastrophic transformation of the world by human activity. The most important question in human history is upon you . . . “Will you survive beyond this un-evolved industrial denial?” There’s comfort in relating to the absolute balance in the Cosmos at moments such as this . . . that in the darkness of ignorance and denial, there is always an equalizer . . . there by the laws of physics and nature. This balance is the massive light that must occur amongst this massive darkness . . . it must be summand however, physically and psycho-emotionally. In normal reaction mode, survival doesn't see this light in the treachery of darkness -- the fixation is on the darkness -- which is dangerous and captures the attention. It's time to lose this fixation; to get over the emotions of loss; to fulfill your proper course of grieving and mourning, but then put it to rest . . . completely. Give yourself a flexible point of reference to stimulate your progress for absorbing light. Our prayer is that you imagine realizations that will come with this light in the world; that you realize, with darkness, the largest light ever is there to discover all the evolutionary advancements required to avoid this disaster. Be a catalyst for saving life . . . be a ‘light-savior’.