Be a Guide


No matter what emotions are current, they originated, not in this moment, but possibly in moments not of this life -- not of this persona -- not even this situation. When your awareness does not encompass this entire picture, you’ll attribute current feelings onto whatever’s available . . . blame it on the “lowest hanging fruit”, it’s often said. All emotions come from a combination of inputs, some are sensory; some are memory; some are associative, or dissociative, and some are just made up from this “low-hanging fruit”. Wild creatures smell through the winds of the moment; hear through the sounds within the sounds in the moment, and their responses are governed by instincts programmed to translate these signals without disruption from any accompanying “noise”. They’ve evolved through this process of selection to have mastered these skills in their most accurate form. Humans, on the other hand, aren’t limited to just instincts, but rely on memories; associative stories; countless sources that mix the senses of a moment, with the stored senses from other moments; then mix these translations with input from others . . . all managed by the attention, or exhaustion; inspiration, or desperation, and focus, or confusion that’s present with the experience. It’s like having a map-maker, who’s also a great story-teller, and the roles are constantly mixed and matched to an audience. All measures in the maps become reactions to the stories -- accuracy not at issue, but entertainment is at the core. This is the human dilemma of feelings . . . stories of the past and present fail to be maps leading anywhere . . . they’re reactions to actions that may, or may not have occurred, may be of memory, or anticipation, or even manipulation . . . not a map to anywhere . . . just the whims of a skillful “thief”. These are today’s unnatural times and nature is about to make corrections . . . climate change is “crowd” control. Our prayer is that as you recognize the winds of “insanity” with the accuracy at your core; that you experience the insane, then respond and interact from the sanity of this accuracy . . . be a guide for being found, in a world that’s being lost.