Be a Conscious Being


Humans are psycho-emotionally influenced by cultural opinions -- the memes that pass themselves off as authorities of some "authority." These are the psychic persuasions that have been lurking in the background of the human conversation, some for decades; others for centuries; some even for millennia. Since you -- as a conscious being -- are attempting to release these barbaric, unnatural natures; to become real, to be calm, centered and aware -- it's essential to first realize and acknowledge these psychic persuasions as part of the collective, historical, human experience. But then, do what you can to release them from your own patterns. It's like when 'fire-making' was first discovered to be possible -- the fire-makers were a huge disruption to the tradition of all the fire-keepers . . . even perhaps, at times, the claim was of fraud -- that ‘man-made’ fire was not real fire -- or -- that no one has the right to make fire. There's a similar obsession in the current psycho-emotional meme . . . a series of highly modeled cultural opinions being "crowd" reinforced over and over to create "truths" that aren't true. You have to be very aware to catch this “sleight of hand” and by design most people are not aware. These are the cards dealt to this moment of history; your task is to live in this darkness -- this most superficial and corrupted of times, and be the fire-maker . . . warm, inviting and revelatory. In order to start your own fires, and shine light into this darkness, you must release the darkness of your own hesitations . . . you must release the idea that you don’t have the right . . . then ride the winds of this new authority into your mastery. You’ll feel strange in a strange land at first, but keep up, and you'll be kept up. Our prayer is that your courage comes to your aid right now; that you constantly start your own fires, and know that you have every right to do so . . . and do so with a humungous joy that includes every one . . . even the big doubters.