Be a Bridge Through Time


The yoga masters, in their ancient Vedic teachings, described a 'life-span' as the time measured by your breaths and heartbeats. At the level of human observation -- the level of your senses -- time (past, current, future) seems very real. But in fact, it's simply a bridge of observation between birth and death. At this level of observation -- at a quantum level -- everything exists in a single remarkable moment of no time at all. Yoga masters developed the science of asana, krya, mudra, mantra, shabd, and naad . . . all guiding the brain's ability to tune into this measurelessness of timelessness and make sense out of it. The result is a science that tunes your brain into this quantum level where everything is connected -- all beneath what's observed by your senses. This phenomenon, known as awakening -- as enlightenment -- is the experience of time as love and kindness. The results of this love and kindness are not an emotion, the results of love and kindness are the sensations of a shared devotion, one that experiences the ocean of life as inclusive. These sensations of devotion are cooperative connections that practice, as the saying goes, "A good turn deserves another." This experiences the 'action with reaction' law of physics as a world of love and kindness without crossed purposes. Without devotion you're in a world that crosses the line from human beings being humane, to human beings being barbaric . . . a world of fear and rudeness . . . a world locked in brutal and "unforgiven" time. The opportunities for conflict resolution; for reflective direction are all lost in the inflammation of crossed purposes. The angles that create these contrary attitudes are what the yogis call the illusion. They're not real, but they appear to be. If you're paying attention, they can become a map to your awakening . . . such is the nature of measurement in a false illusion.

Our prayer is that you are paying attention; that you decipher this map of time -- the bridge between your birth and death; that you realize your observation creates each moment and your task is to travel through them with ease and success . . . be an agent of love and kindness . . . be a bridge through time.

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