Balance and equilibrium are universal . . . they're everywhere, always. They're in what you experience, what you see, and what you hear, and feel. But balance and equilibrium are usually invisible . . . this inherent balance is hidden by your thoughts, your opinions and the conclusions you draw from a partial picture that emphasizes the imbalances of your preferences. Whenever you're influenced by your psycho-emotional preferences, you interpret and translate this perfect balance into an ‘advantage versus disadvantage’ scenario. Within this desire for advantage there is no balance -- in balance there is no individual advantage -- there’s just a universal equilibrium. Whenever you play the game of gain and advantage, you’re ignoring the balance and equilibrium that is . . . doing this in favor of the more familiar preference. Awareness of the balance and equilibrium lives inside your inner ear. Here there’s a device called the cochlea -- a spiral ‘conch-shell’ like mechanism that’s so sensitive, it actually hears the air moving and pressurizing when you’re standing, walking, or running. It’s even sensitive to the balance or imbalance in your thoughts. It’s affected by thoughts and intentions . . . an interpreter of motives that determines whether they’re balanced or not. When thoughts and words are not balanced, you’re not balanced. This ‘gauge’ on the dashboard of your life is improved with postures of balance and extension in yoga. It’s also improved using mantra . . . you must be willing to open your voice, to open the inner ear. When the inner ear is opened . . . it understands where there’s balance and equilibrium in your intentions. It’s a psycho-emotional map without words -- activated by your words . . . spoken or silent in thought. Our prayer is that you find balance in your body every day -- sing and chant to open the gauge of your inner ear, and when this gauge tells you where you’re at . . . listen to it . . . make the corrections . . . discover balance and equilibrium in your world . . . discover it in ‘the’ world.