Pain and fear are part of being aware, sensitive and empathic. It’s a responsibility that comes with advanced human life . . . responsibility (the ability to respond) to this pain and the fear. They’re the catalysts whenever there’s a need for considerable change. If you’re in pain and afraid right now, you have the empathic awareness to make a difference; you have this advanced ability to respond; you’re one of a community who’s on Earth to make a difference . . . the pain and fear are your guides. The Buddha said, “Any pain experienced to its core, turns to joy.” The problem over millennia of human evolution is that pain was ignored, distracted, and numbed. Just like in natural childbirth, the pain guides your response . . . as the mother, you have this ability, for otherwise you’d not be pregnant. In the magic of re-creation, even the creation of new life, it’s this awareness and presence that delivers the substance of the future . . . at the deepest levels of genetic reproduction it’s the awareness of identity that magically recreates itself. The opportunity within your pain and fear is an obligation to use this advanced awareness; to recognize the opportunity within the darkness and respond to the ignorance (the ignoring of dangers). Turn up your light to such a degree that there’s no denying reality. The darkness is scary because it’s thought to be aggressive, but it’s not aggressive, it’s lacking light. It’s the imagination in the darkness that’s scary, but imagination can also be creative. Einstein said, “Imagination today is reality tomorrow.” When the darkness is prevalent, as it is in this moment, your responsibility is your ability to respond -- to imagine the solutions in the pain, they’re always there; to imagine what’s being born through the pain, it’s the contractions of labor; to imagine creating the change you want to see in the world, it’s ready for activation with light. Our prayer is that you remember -- for every action, there’s equal reaction; for all the current ignorance, there’s equal awareness . . . the awareness is with you; the pain is your proof . . . be responsible . . . get active . . . imagine.