aware & joyful in the same moment


Confirming with the feelings of your 'emotional body,' what you know with the thoughts of your 'mental body,' by using the mechanics of your 'physical body,' is one of the many benefits of Kundalini yoga. Being able to then use the yogic mechanics of posture, breathing, chanting and moving to choose the exact thoughts and feelings is an even a more advanced use of Kundalini. The fundamental meaning of the word 'yoga' . . . to unite . . . gets all of you working together in harmony. Once united, identifying each of these aspects of your life as a separate 'body,' allows you to perceive the parts individually within this unity. Like taking something apart, once it's working, to understand how it works. First you unite your life . . . get it to work accurately and efficiently; then you separate it to know how this all takes place. This is important because otherwise, having extensive awaraness without extensive understanding can become a pathway to suffering. Many of the spiritual and religious traditions, throughout history, would worship suffering . . . believing it was an essential part of enlightenment. Understanding means 'standing under' . . . viewing the working relationships and allowing your awareness to escape from suffering through wisdom. Our prayer is that you are massively aware as well as being massively joyful in the same moment . . . suffering simply becomes a momentary gauge on the dashboard of your life to let you know . . . now is a time to add a little understanding into the mix.