awaken your purpose


You are a broadcast of 'light & sound' -- driven by the Soul -- occupying and experiencing your sensory body -- all to observe what appears as a physical world. Your destiny establishes how this broadcast unfolds over the period of your life on Earth and your courage influences this destiny. Using the reality of your light-body, within the resonance of your physical body, explores the depth of your cosmic consciousness to awaken the sleeping presence of your purpose. This brings the courage to life. Legions of angels and guides, in the form of conscious fields of compassion, form around you. Your life on this Earth becomes healthier and happier in so many ways, while your efforts become more effortless. Being carefree rather than careful, you find the freedom to connect to the value of your time rather than the cost of your space. When you live in this way, you ignite the ability to posess three dimensions without being possessed by them. It's a sense of care-freedom that is your birthright on Earth. Our prayer is that you experience your care-freedom; broadcast your light and your sound; awaken your purpose; stretch into your body-glove and dance with your angelic guides as a lifestyle each day.