Awaken to this Journey


Medical science has discovered that ninety percent of the brain’s energy is being used in ways that are unknown; totally unaccounted for. Where does this energy go? What’s it doing? None of these questions have yet been answered by science. Considering that your brain uses twenty percent of your body's total energy output, this medical mystery represents eighteen percent of your actual life-energy . . . that’s a lot. Science knows that the brain is always looping signals through a series of pathways -- neurons and brain tissue. These are the signals of your life as you move through your moments. The brain traces and then retraces these steps . . . over and over with great obsession, like a map maker would. The scenes on these maps are the three known brain functions: sensory (what’s happening); behavioral (what can I do), and limbic (what does it mean). But then science loses track of the “map” as ninety percent of the energy vanishes into the shadows and wanders beyond the limits of three dimensional space and the fourth dimension of time . . . out into pure “wilderness.” Here it uses this ninety percent of its total energy -- seemingly doing “nothing” -- the “nothing” that’s a great mystery to neuroscience. Ancient pictographs of diverse cultures depicted a fascination with this mystery. Then, hundreds of thousands of years later -- yogis, great seers, and spiritual masters began charting and mapping this unknown world with their enlightened meditations. They’re answers were: this energy maintains your connection to the soul, and all of its relationships in the cosmos. This is a channel that’s always open for communication, but one that few people are ever aware of. This is a map of the dimensions that are waiting in the human future, waiting for you to awaken. Once this awakening takes place, it will be as revolutionary as the first use of fire; the discovery of the wheel, and the “flat-Earth” becoming round. Our prayer is that you awaken to this journey; that you’re one of the pioneers that alters the course of human history; that you relate to these maps as a real responsibility, not a future fantasy . . . and you welcome this mission as if it’s right now.