The 'Event Horizon' -- the outer boundary of the observable Universe -- where the condensation of light and sound into matter fades away . . . this is where science believes the Universe ends. Original light and sound are compressed into elemental particles by the super-gravity of the universal Central-Sun. Every Universe, on the surface of every Megaverse, has a Central-Sun at its causing core. This massive object, at the untraceable core of each Universe, downgrades thirteen-plus dimensions into the three of space and the fourth of time that are physically workable on Earth. Tens of billions of light years from this core, where the super-gravity becomes invisibly subtle . . . no longer holding the three and four dimensions -- spacetime becomes unrecognizable to the Earthly senses. Here there's no controlling forms as form, or time as time . . . even thoughts about matter in recognizable forms do not exist. Those of you, who through your incarnate travels, come from these outer [nether] regions -- have entirely different brain-mechanics. While here on Earth, you attract each other across great distances . . . a gathering of Soul bodies of like mind, like heart, and collective purpose. With global travel made simple in these modern times -- people who would have never met centuries ago, are drawn together by seemingly random circumstances. It's not random at all, but a calling to be with; work with, and reproduce with those in this life who’ve shared a vast journey and thought-form. This is also the root inspiration for the ancient art from Mayan; Sumerian, and Egyptian cultures that depict this phenomenon. Extremely advanced life, far outside the limits of four dimensions, has been evolving for billions of years longer than the age of this planet. Our prayer is that you realize this vast depth of your extra-dimensional thought process; that you give yourself the opportunity to embrace its extreme compassion, empathy, and light, as you work with a dense world in complete chaos . . . appreciate your circle of friends . . . the attractions are extraterrestrial . . . yet the form you all now occupy is terrestrial.