At the Absolute Center of Everything, There is a Point of no Dimension That is Common to us All


At the absolute center of everything, there is a point of no dimension that is common to us all. To get here, one must travel on a road of no direction without limitations on the time it might require; you must leave all fears and doubts at the journey's starting point.

This may sound like a riddle, but it is actually a power uniquely human — it uses what is truly the human being's only advantage — our conscious consciousness to be compassionate and One.

As an animal, the human being is not well equipped. We are not fast runners, we are not agile in water, we can't jump very high — not like a cat (five times its body length), or see like a hawk (details at over a mile). We cannot fly on our own, a day old horse can walk, but it takes us over a year to do it. A blood hound has a sense of smell that is 7,000 times more sensitive than ours. We are, in fact, perhaps the least prepared creature for life on Earth.

Why have we been built with such a disadvantage and yet destined to dwell in a world amongst the far better prepared?

 The answer lies at our center-point . . . we are not here to master the world outside, we are here to master the world within and then share the world outside with everything. Here in this inner world, there is a sense that is uniquely ours, that is purely human . . . it is a power we are here to lead with. By mastering this inner world we are able to be a leader (not the boss) in the outer world.

The human being has this "extra" sense; a sense of recognizing the importance of the 'commons' (resources vital to all life). And once we locate even a glimpse of these points of our human purpose — like that bloodhound on the scent — our thirst for more is unquenchable, our drive unstoppable. 

A few of these 'commons' are Earth, Air, Water, Love, Faith, and Trust and their paths intersect at the absolute center-point of everything. This center-point is the common location for all our relationships of every kind. Here, these 'commons' gather the tribes around the watering holes of love and trust to share the air of the good earth where faith supports life.

Once we release these 'constant commons' from being trade-able commodities, or exclusively possessed fantasies, and realize they simply exist — constant and common for everyone — everywhere — we are then able to follow their "scent" to the center. Here we discover the peace of sharing as if you are as important as I am.

We discover calm; we are secure here where we are at one with everyone and everything. In our world . . . all the things we always were, but never allowed ourselves to be, begin to make sense as they arrive.

Practice a daily practice that strengthens your ability to sense the 'constant commons' and share them all around you. Create agreements with yourself and with your friends that allow you to practice sharing Earth, Air, Water, Love, Faith and Trust with great abandon. Discover new members of your tribe on a daily basis and establish an atmosphere that longs to belong together. Be a human being — being human; this is the greatest power of your life on Earth.