At A Crossroad


The human being right now is at a crossroads because we're gaining the human capacity to understand the cosmos but we've lost the physical capacity to work with it because over the last two, three, four hundred years, we have been depleting our soils and now we have so many people living on the planet that we don't think we can provide them with foods so we create things that aren't foods to fill up our stomach. So we're not producing people that aren't physically prepared to contain what they are psychically fed and the cross between those two events is disastrous. We have never had this many people on this planet interpreting gravity, interpreting the pressure, interpreting the friction, interpreting the tension and interpreting the stress. What is it called when your body can't take what your brain is interpreting? It's called total dislocation. That's why you need to do Kundalini yoga, you need to stretch into your body glove. That's why you need to do chanting, you need to clear the brain. That's why you need to do vipassana.You need to be silent so that you can reinterpret the opinions that have been pre-programmed into you as to what it is that you interpret as friction, pressure, stress and tension.