Are You Still In The Trap of Keeping Score?


What an incredible gift human life is. Are you still keeping score? Do you run your affairs on a score card? What's the biggest score card on earth? Capital and cash! A billionaire enters a room and everyone goes, “Oh wow, he must be great!”

Maybe not; maybe he’s just a thief that got away with it. What does a billion dollars do for you? It stands behind the twenty dollars that it is going to cost you to eat dinner. Do you need that much security? Do you need to know you’ve got twenty dollars to eat dinner and a billion standing behind it? That's a scorecard. If you run your life on that score card, you will spend your days in misery and your nights in wakefulness.Work your way out of the trap that you're in—and you are in that trap no matter how many stories you manufacture to convince yourself that you are not. These stories are so cute, but when a score keeper challenges you, you become very insecure: your score seems lower than you thought it was, and it bothers you.It shouldn't, but if it does: grow up and establish a new tradition.

Isn't it time for you to break with social custom? Isn't it time to create a brand-new meme? If you're tired of the word paradigm, try meme. When you establish your new meme, whatever you need will come to you. Whoever you need to meet, you will meet. Wherever you are supposed to be, you will be. Whatever you are supposed to do, you will do. All of it will be accomplished before you leave here. That is called commitment.