Are You Here To Guarantee Your Outcome or Not?


In the process of dissolving the illusion back to it's center point your concerns your doubts and your worries are of no value. They will not solve anything. We don't have to point out where it's going wrong . . . we have to point out where the path collects us and the path collects us when we stop resisting it . . . when we surrender and commit to it. The odd thing about this schoolhouse called earth is that we all appear to be adults except for those who appear to be children. This is where the illusion begins. You are not an adult if you are not practicing absolute commitment. If you actually believe that someone else controls your destiny or someone else affects your world, you are a child. The choices that you have in front of you are fool's choices. You don't have to make all those choices . . . you only have to make one choice. Are you here to guarantee your outcome or not? So the test of life that was a five essay questions suddenly turns into one true or false question. Now you prefer the essay questions because the true or false question is way too confining. Are you ready to commit to being?