Anxiety and Panic


Anxiety and panic are not bad; they are actually a good thing. They are just too much of a good thing. Anxiety and panic are the by-product of a disorganized and non-indexed Akaschic record – the human super-memory.

The Akaschic records hold on to all memory of every experience that has ever happened ever. Along with the memory of the event, information, wisdom and knowledge gained from the event if also stored here. This is why it is known as a super-memory. This is a massive database completely linked to your existence containing the multi-incarnation recordings of everything that has happened in every existence up to this moment.

When the Akaschic records are disorganized, chaotic, not indexed and the urgent need arises for the information, the entire database is compassionately dumped into your body through the solar plexus. Knowledge and wisdom arrive at the coattails of an intense moment, but it is scrambled and the result is anxiety. The system knows that the information you require so desperately is in there somewhere so it gives you the entire load. It is up to you to sort it out.

Pouring through the solar plexus, the root of the Akascha, a gut wrenching sensation takes place in the body. The rush of information twists and torques from the belly up to the throat, pulling it all into a gigantic body knot. This is panic and anxiety. This is why we say it is a good thing, just too much of a good thing.

At the core of this there is a cure. It requires effort – spend time every day organizing and indexing the Akasha. Accomplish this through conscious breathing and conscious moving. Use yoga, Chi Gung and Tai Chi, chanting mantras and vipassana (meditation on silence.) do this on a daily basis and eventually, when the need arrives, your system will access the information required without having to sort through such a vast database to find the few necessities. You ultimately learn to oslve and resolve your exact challenges, discomforts and dilemmas with grace.

This trades panic and anxiety attacks for moments of super-intuitive insight. The exact information required is delivered to you, not dumped on you. This is the way of the new evolution, the way of grace and joy.