Anger Is Determination And With Determination You Can Move Mountains


If you can shift your perspective then you're working with magic. Magic is the woman. Logic is the man. Logic makes the rules and magic has none. The way you feel is a composite drawing, it's not a reality. The way you feel is a composite drawing: the nose from here, the eyes from here, the ears from here, the cheeks from here. Each one of these components was a decision at some time that led you to this moment and to how you feel. So in order to change how you feel you must retrace your steps through the feminine, which is time and that is an emotional experience. You'll cry and laugh and rage . . . you're going oh, ah, oh, you're not producing your anger, you're producing your restriction because at some point in your life you were told, don't be angry. You can take your anger and ignite it all and put it in the containment of the engine of your life, the engine of your physical body, and use it.Anger turns into determination and it can move mountains because that kind of determination becomes an absolute condition of knowing. Mohammad proved it. He was told he had to climb the mountain and he sat in the desert and he said the mountain is to come here if I am to climb it. Lo and behold, the mountain arrived to Mohammad. The Buddha with his absolute anger said: ''I am done, I am not going to search any longer'' and he sat under the Boddhi tree and said: ''You know who I am and where I am because you made me, so if you want me, come and get me''. Then he was challenged and so was Mohammad and so was Jesus and so were a lot of women but because God is a ''father'' and they only honored the men. They only made these big iconic religious events out of men. Because the Buddha said come and get me, I am not going anywhere I am done, he was challenged. He had layers and layers of potential attachment left in his consciousness and he had to go through those layers of attachments and those layers of attachment appeared as his demons. Just like yours appear as your challenges in life. This is planet earth, it's a hard labor camp but you're supposed to get through it not by work but by worship. The word worship actually means to connect. To connect with what you know, and knowing means: What is to be already is . . . because time is an illusion. Your hopes, your dreams are all indicators of what is possibly in your destiny.