An Airplane Story: Trust That You Will Arrive At Your Destination


Let’s say you get on an airplane after walking through a departure gate that says “New York.” You’re not yet in New York, but you are on a plane that you trust is bound for New York. So if you board the plane called Self, and you decide that that you want to go to a particular modality of self, you’re in. To trust that the journey from here to there is going to take place is key.If you're on an airplane from LA to New York, and somewhere over Denver you panic because you suddenly don’t believe that the plane is actually going to New York, you are going to raise a huge ruckus. It doesn't take much of a ruckus nowadays to convince the crew to make an unscheduled landing . . . and just as you feared . . . you will not get to New York. You are able to change if you sit in trust and have a goal.