Amway for God

The world today is like a three year old with a loaded hand grenade that the pins been pulled and you're running thinking, what should I do? Should I squish
the three years old fist around the hand grenade? How do we get this thing out of here without blowing the kid up and everyone around it.
That's the world today. I decided twenty-five, thirty-five years ago that it definitely wasn't going to be pointing out what's wrong but I was just going to have to start educating a lot of people so that we could understand in a distributed fashion, not in a centralized fashion but a distributed fashion what's going on in the world. Kind of like a multilevel marketing.
Kind of an Amway for God. I guess Amway is for God but that's a whole other story. What we're going to have to become exceeding aware of in our process is that there are subtle aspects of our being and if we begin to understand them and work them consciously that we will be able to master this process and the process is omniscient appreciation. Omni means all, omniscience, all sensory appreciation, omniscient appreciation. Appreciation isn't just what you like. Appreciation is actually what you get. Not what you receive. It's what you grok. It's what you comprehend beyond comprehend. It's what you comprehend without words. It's like uh, got it. Does that make sense?
Omniscient appreciate so all sensory, got it, no words required. So you walk into a room, any room anywhere filled with anyone. You walk into a room, you spend a few moments listening to the buzz, you activate your third eye and see the collective aura and you then receive that omniscience of that appreciate.
This allows you then to be dynamically silent and this isn't just silent in the audible sounds but silence in the optical visions. This is silent in all projections, you literally shut down all projections because projections are preconceptions and preconceptions create those preferential receptacles that if something doesn't match, you feel out of place, you feel out of touch. So no projection because projection is preconception and what you want to do is you want to be in this moment now. So you have this omniscient appreciate, you have this dynamic silence and suddenly you're being molded by the moment. Now within all of that there is an intention.