Ambrosial Hours


There are two and a half hours before the rise of the sun, where the rays of arriving light are infrared. This is known to the yogis and masters as “amrit vela” the “ambrosial hours”. This is the time when early light -- it’s an invisible light -- carries vast quantities of information for nourishing life. Remote controls use this light to carry information. These are the longest rays in the light spectrum -- so long that they actually wrap around one-tenth of the Earth’s curvature -- hence the two and a half hours before sunrise, which is one-tenth of a twenty-four hour day. Within these volumes of information this light carries, are the inclinations of the coming time that's interconnected to the time of this moment. When you’re aware of these inclinations of the times to come, this ignites intuition from the time that is. These infrared rays are attuned to the longer “theta” waves of your dreamtime brain, which is the same state of the brain in deep meditation. Therefore these waves of sunlight, align with the waves of your meditation, which aligns with the information that’s about to unfold in time . . . a perfect formation of intuitive clarity. What activities, or non-activities, are best for this time . . . ones that enhance the effects of this time? Stretching into your body-glove is one, as it increases the physical contacts of the nerves . . . nerves are awareness. Chanting mantras, which are syllables of sound, enables the brain to coordinate with these longer waves. Silent meditations allow the brain to observe the information without ‘analysis chatter’. Deep conscious breathing produces direct access to these theta rhythms to focus without random noise. As a result, your body and mind are connected and aligned within time, not distracted by it. You tune into each moment that is, and then receive clarity for the times to come. Our prayer is that you are early into bed and early to rise . . . wise, like the saying goes; that this wisdom knows how to approach each moment with a successful plan, and that these plans benefit the world . . . create the changes that these times need to see. Rise up each day and become an intuitive family.