Alternate Angles


  Humans have the most profound computing device on Earth . . . more powerful than any quantum computer . . . it can literally reshape life. The ancient masters, composing the vedas, described within the illusion of maya, the 1,200 alternative intuitive perspectives, moving with every moment, on the wave of time. Each of these moments -- a single beat of your heart -- additionally produces 7,000 revolutions to this wave. That's a total of (1,200 x 7,000) 8.4 million alternate angles of perception within every heartbeat . . . options that are always available . . . always waiting to be discovered and used. This means that no matter how you first perceive any moment, there are actually 8.4 million other ways to view it. Many of these 8.4 million alternate angles give you greater psycho-emotional balance; others give more physical momentum; others insure you successfully riding the wave through tough times -- through normal moments of life. Learning to take full advantage of these alternate angles is a goal of higher human consciousness. First you must believe they exist; next you need to envelop/embrace them with your imagination; then conceive, nurture and birth them for practical use. Envelopment is the mastery of belief . . . imagination takes away the mystery surrounding the illusion/maya . . . nuturing is the element of self-love and compassion . . . birthing uses the negative mind to endure all the accompanying challenges . . . the positive mind uses action to remake your life with the new events and moments and this delivers success. Even though 8.4 million is a large number, it's a finite one, and everything finite has degrees of predictability. It's within these predictables that you ultimate develop new habits and patterns . . . patterns within patterns within habits that use these new choices in ways never thought possible. Acting on these choices is a parallel world . . . a world of fulfillment. Our prayer is that you use the full power of your vast human computer; take advantage of this benevolent advantage -- the gift of your alternate awareness within every moment; balance on the wave of time and ride it to the time of your life.