Alter All Your Tendencies


When doing Yoga, you put yourselves into positions. It has an effect upon the body that you have no conscious awareness of. When you are chanting, those chants are pytting stress, tensions, pressure and frictions in parts of your body that you have no cognitive awareness of. The reality of it is that we are getting you to do something that has a phenomenon effect upon our system. When you’re in downward dog, the upper part of your body is upside down. When the upper part of your body is upside down, every one of your cells is being stressed in the exact opposite position it is being accustomed to. If you have a chronic circumstance that is challenging you and you turn the body from the waist to the top of the head upside down, all of the mechanisms within that section, whic includes part of the navel chakra, all of the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra, are in reverse.

That means all of the tendencies, the emotional tendencies, the thought tendencies and the attitudinal tendencies that are produced from those five chakras are all being altered. This isn’t going to have a profound effect on you if you’re actually ill. This is in fact called health insurance, because you maintain your health rather than needing to restore it.

You should surround yourself with good sound. You should feed yourself with proper food, and set up a system of aligning your body into certain positions. Yoga is good for that, but so is walking and swimming.

You shold have a routine daily. Each day is your responsibility.