Alone On The Journey II

Guru Nanak said five hundred years ago, the journey to enlightenment is a big topic and that's just a thumbnail sketch though it seems like an epic poem. So he wrote an epic poem. Has thirty-six versus and takes twenty minutes to recite it but on the sixteenth verse which is called a puri, on the sixteenth puri he thinks he is going to give up and he says, he says there are worlds upon worlds, universes upon universes, lifetimes upon life times and even that doesn't begin the description. So what's the use he says. I tell this story so much because I love it but I was sitting with the Dali Lama and he gets to a particular puri and says, I rather have a cookie. Some days you just need a cookie and that gives you a sense of release.
That in the midst of all this, it's all about not being conflicted in the conflict but seeing each moment as the life lesson delivered through whatever angle is being used to perceive it. If not our existence as a spiritual being but our existence as a physical being is based in conflict and our task is to be not conflicted with the conflict but also to be impressed by the particular conflict that is taking place now so that we can know the angle to be used to get to the next step, we must go as often as possible into that state of dynamic silence. Add nothing to the mix but simply experience the experience and that's the reason why we do Kundalini yoga and chant. The reason why we do vispassana, silent mediations and the kriyas and the pranayams. The physical yoga stretches us into the body glove, which gives us more contact with the contact. The chanting focuses the brain so we have less noise outside the one noise that we are creating. In other words, we gather all the noise to become a single noise.