Alone On The Journey


If somebody lines up and waits for the starting gun but the starting gun never goes off, they start running and the timer is not timing. They could run the race and cross the line and set a world record and in that case it would definitely be a world record because nobody else ran,and  they would feel completely ridiculous. That is how you feel when you are on your journey on planet because nobody else is joining you on the journey. You're on the path of enlightenment, isn't that how it feels sometimes? It's like you go and turn on the TV and you go, who watches this stuff? They run an advertisement and you go, who buys this stuff? You get in your car and drive down the street and you go, who planned this place? The only way to get through it is a dog and a cat and a big sense of humor. Children, a spouse and friends and a big sense of humor. The only way to get through it is to have relationships that you can relate to but then again, every relationship is you so if you're not relating to it, that's part of your journey.

Now this is a big topic and that was just a thumbnail sketch even though it felt like an epic poem.