Allow for Your Real Nature to Become Your Human Nature


Gravity has been around since the beginning of matter. When no one understood what gravity was, and how it worked, the world was "flat." But even when the world was "flat," the world was round . . . that’s the omnipresence of gravity. Wind has also been around since the beginning of matter, yet it took billions of years for life to discover how to use the wind . . . spinning thread; weaving the thread into cloth; sewing sails; setting up the sail with an equal keel. Each of these steps took hundreds of thousands, even millions of years to master through trial and error. Gravity will be the wind of the future, for just like wind, it’s a directional force. One advantage to gravity, over wind, is that the direction and presence of gravity is constant. Beyond the Earth, gravitational waves have also been discovered rolling between planets, even between star-systems . . . this will provide a new window into the entire universe. We will sail on it around the Earth; use it as a constant source of energy; travel space and even deep space . . . a real star trekker with warp speeds. The even greater advantage of this system of propulsion is that, like the wind, no one owns its source. When no one owns the source of an omnipresent energy, there is no territory to dispute over ownership. The fundamental nature of the human is herbivorous; herbivores are all ‘non-territorial’ animals . . . the human has no ‘gene’ to instinctually know how to successfully own “territory” . . . therefore humans resort to endless wars over it . . . which is the most senseless nature of the [not] human nature. This energy is the future that will bring peace . . . giving humans the time, without war, to solve their dilemmas and move on to the task of universal enlightenment. Our prayer is that you look at the parts of your world that are territorial; discover ways in which you can release this ‘awkward’ version of your vision; welcome others into your space and your time, whether virtual or actual, and allow for your real nature to become your human nature. This will bring the peace that’s essential for life to survive . . . the entirety of life on the planet Earth will rejoice when war is over.