All the Time


In the middle of every moment, there's a fraction of an instant, that has no left, right, up or down -- it's just the moment in the moment. It is actually forever, for it will always exist. Have you ever looked at a clock and realized that it's just the right time? "Right time for what," you might ask? But it isn't about time for what . . . it's just the right time. As the world spins, and orbits . . . and the solar system spins and orbits . . . and the galaxy spins and orbits, there's a grand constant phenomenon of exactness beyond all the chaos within any location. This grand constant is that nature of forever the right time within the passage of "chaotic" time. There's a “popular” spiritual slogan, “Be here now” . . . meaning to be in the time with this moment of perfect time. It’s the sensation of this constant -- it's the phenomenon at the center-point . . . it’s that sense of the exactness within the chaos. In this phenomenon there’s a linkage to what science calls the singularity . . . the universal constant. Spirituality calls it oneness . . . the ocean of love. This is the realm of manifestation: ‘mana’ is the universal mind -- ‘festation’ means to celebrate. This is the realm of manifestation -- the mind's celebrations -- where all things come from infinity. Most of the time there's the sense that there's not enough time, but when you realize that there's always enough time within every moment to fill the moment, the time just shows up . . . manifested out of infinity . . . out of forever. Our prayer is that you celebrate often; that you realize the more you celebrate the more you manifest reasons to celebrate, and that you realize you have forever within the center of every moment. Our prayer is that you learn to manifest forever . . . and that this happens "all the time."