All the Events we Pass Through in Life Are a Calculated Cosmic Sequence of Our Life's Lessons


The healing property of medicinal plants has evolved over the millennia using micro-steps as a means of protecting the plant from its outside invaders. These little steps of incremental protection allow the plant to avoid a total invasion. However, since every action has an equal reaction — if these moves of cure were too large or too fast, the reaction to the cure would be equally severe. This would set up a rollercoaster of chaos that would be very difficult — perhaps impossible — for evolution to manage. These are the reactions, called side effects in modern medicine that work far too fast and extreme. This is not natural and will eventually have to correct. All the events we pass through in life are an exact, elaborately calculated cosmic sequence of our life's lessons. As humans, we are repeatedly challenged through the logic of time passing, to become our own cure.

Taking a lesson from these medicinal plants in naturopathy, we must begin using such incremental steps to reduce the push back against our cures. Create and build in little steps; do not ask for bombs to hit, explosions are not constructive. Construction arrives by accepting that there are no exceptions to the cosmic balance of action and reaction. The additional alchemy of this human reality is — when a cure takes place in one of us, it is then available to all of us. (Read — The Hundredth Monkey, by Ken Keyes Jr.)

The only question remains: can this cosmic principle hold our attention and produce enough movement through our surrender to avoid the frustration of boredom? Until we accept graduation to the next level via surrender, we will fail in many of our endeavors with resistance. By working without resistance and frustration, the little steps eventually add up to success. This is why herbal alchemy is so effective, little steps adding together where big steps would break down from big opposition.

Resistance is the thief — surrender is the gift giver. Resistance robs vitality that is required to overcome complexities. By surrendering through these complexities in small unnoticeable increments, we discover an open pathway . . . the very route of natural and naturopathic healing.