Adjust With the Winds of Time - Move Forward Powered By Your Challenge


Your fears, doubts and trepidations are all limiters that stand between you and your destiny. They're like the Buddha's demons, they are not there to guide you away or to move you astray, they are there to be overcome, to be neutralized. Does anybody have a challenge that doesn't look like their challenge? The calibration is so exact. There has been no mistake, you simply become aware and this is where the masculine needs to come in, aware of the circumstance. You allow the winds of time to be observed by the masculine in you. Everyone does it. Women have two thirds feminine and one third masculine and men are two thirds masculine and one third feminine. When a man ignores his feminine, which is very common, it isn't that it doesn't exist it's simply that it doesn't persist. It is equally as common for a woman to ignore her masculine, to actually break down into nothingness when it's actually time to calibrate the winds of time.What are the winds of time doing and to be so flexible that you know that you have the capacity to put your sails at the proper angle into these winds that knowing and all of a sudden, you are moving forward powered by your challenge. Yogi Bhajan used to tell me: ''Bolt your butt to the floor Guru Singh and experience the experience''. He told me that the worst words in the English language were ''yea but''. . . ''Yea but what about''? . . . the brain continuously and consistently striving to find a way out of time. Don't go to the brain when you're stuck in time, when you are stuck in time you are in heaven although it feels like hell but it's heaven because heaven empowers growth. The scariest time for a seed is when its husk is dissolving, when the husk of a seed is dissolving it cannot survive unless it grows. Once it grows it gives births to thousands upon thousands of seeds. It is growing into its infinity and it feels like demise. Celebrate the feeling and if you can bring yourself to celebrate the feeling instead of in your terror holding onto the past, if you can bring yourself to celebrating the feeling of germination, then you will be giving birth to growth and that growth will be giving birth to many seeds. Then your life is participating in life.