Addiction With Success

Contributed by Jennifer Hooton Addiction does not need to apply strictly to challenges such as alcohol and substance abuse or other habits. We see it in the workaholic neglecting his or her family, but they are praised, rewarded, and even worse, expected to sacrifice the better part of their lives, talents, and emotions towards a material endeavor which profits the people above them. Subsequently, the more we work, the more we earn – and we gain a sense of entitlement in the process, of qualifying for instant gratification which most easily comes from spending our money on material goods. Therefore, the more we work, the more we spend, unable to spend our spare time looking for the truly meaningful moments in life which sometimes require more practice. From the moment we begin school with all its academic pressures and insistence on high achievement, we are addicted to striving, to overworking, to earning, to gaining recognition, to spending, and when we collapse, we often bury ourselves in other addictions as one extreme form of escapism answers our extreme lifestyle.