Access the Universal Mind


In the distance of time -- far, far from the big bang, squeeze, or leap of faith -- there are images of how it never began, because it really couldn't have. This is the quantum quality of ‘never-beginnings/endings’ . . . where the endless soul is relevant; where the body prospers rather than suffers. The brain, when accessing this time beyond the physical self, finds rest in a pre-verbal silence . . . beyond the meaning of words. Through this silence of undisturbed sensations, the consciousness goes into the origins of primordial spacetime where mastery lives.

Here, images and symbols are far more powerful than words. Psychology understands that symbols are the doorways into the subconscious and superconscious parts of the mind. By relating to images in moments of great challenge, you make a friend of this mind rather than having a meandering “enemy” playing with words. This is peace of mind . . . this is the meditative mind . . . this is a glimpse into how the masters would see into the future. When you use your discipline, this power of revelation can happen for you as well. The ancient practitioners found symbols in these images and determined this was to be a sacred form of geometry. They found intuitive abilities when using these symbol formations -- abilities that enable the human body, the mind, and the emotions to actually become more receptive to even more conscious realizations.

This accesses the universal mind . . . the source of all higher mental activity. Religions, through the ages, made up stories with characters and hierarchies, but this is irrelevant to the cosmos . . . it’s not about hierarchies. Hierarchies, and heroic conquests of dominance are the entertainment of a power that has none. Instead of this irrelevance -- from these same realizations -- the masters began to form the postures, asanas, kriyas, mudras and mantras of yoga to sustain it. They enhanced this practice with visual mandalas and yantras, the letters and numbers of written language, and other mechanisms found in the sacred symbols.

Our prayer is that you relate to the sacred symbols in everyday life, and create a better world by using their highly intuitive power.

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