The amount of prosperity within your abundance and awareness, is established by the ratio, of the engagement, between the heart and the brain. Whenever the brain opens discovery, the heart can coordinate receptivity . . . the brain has focus . . . the heart has purpose. The process of the heart is to exert in order to give, and then relax in order to receive back. This is the actual nature of prosperity within abundance . . . you must deeply relax in order to be fulfilled -- otherwise you'll get, but you’ll never receive, and therefore, never be satisfied. This Universe is filled with abundance everywhere and always, but prosperity is not found in the amount of materials you’re able to negotiate and control with the excitement of your brain -- it's the experiences you’re able to contain within the calm joy of your heart. The heart, unlike the brain, is not a devotee of measurement and quantity, it’s a devotee of inspiration . . . the immeasurable qualities. Inspiration means “in-spirit” . . . the heart is devoted to spirit and soul. A flashlight without a battery is like the DNA of your genealogy in your physical body; the battery that directs how much light is in this physical mechanism is your spirit, or what is commonly referred to as your consciousness. Driving all of this -- the power that causes everything to actually work together -- is the electricity flowing through the system . . . this electricity is soul. Your heart relates to this above all else; it’s the thymus gland (the pace-setter of the heart) that has a direct connection to soul. This ‘connector’ is what the masters and seers call the ‘silver cord’. Whenever you’re with someone, as they ‘pass away’, you can “see” this cord detach . . . like a whiff of steam, or puff of silver smoke -- it rises from the crown center of the head, and disappears into infinity. Our prayer is for your active relationship with the abundance that’s everywhere always, and for you to focus on your heart connecting to the immeasurable qualities of the actual prosperity within this abundance. And that you receive complete satisfaction and fulfillment by devoting your life to these immeasurable qualities of purpose.