Absolute Determination


Guru Nanak was sitting beside the river and realized, after several months of sitting there, that unless something drastic were to take place, growth was not going to happen. And so in an act of absolute determination, he jumped in the river, sunk to the bottom and refused to come up. Three days later, he arose to the surface. He harnessed the capacity to transcend the demands of physical existence. People called it a miracle simply because they didn’t understand it, but it's not a miracle at all. It's just a brilliant example of “my will becoming thy will.”  Can you give up the demands of your existence for even a moment? No one is asking you to stop breathing for three days. Spirit is simply asking you to give it a moment in which you can actually connect to what is. Not your description of what, not your analysis of what is, all of which separates you. Connect to oneness – which is zero.