A Warrior or A Victim


  Denying the power of an adversary is not a state of denial . . . denying that an adversary has power . . . is. This is a fundamental difference between denying and denial . . . between a warrior and a victim. A warrior acts to deny the power of its opposition -- a victim denies, or ignores, that the opposition has any power and suffers with this ignorance. Denying the power is a key to prevailing, and ultimately succeeding . . . this is the “way of the way” . . . the Tao.. There's a particular consciousness, which the Taoist masters speak of when working with those who are victimized, ignorant, or in denial. All of you -- having met and known such victims must admit -- when your awareness is clear, those who defend the contrarians as deserving an equal voice, are uniquely troublesome. This is a snare-trap wrapped around higher consciousness. Denial is not an equal voice to be entertained for politeness sake -- but a voice that ultimately divides compassion from completion with unequal reasoning.

The very words of the Tao, “One drop of lemon juice splits an endless river of milk.” This is a conversation to have with your own inner council, for this must be dealt with at its roots, or it will keep coming up, wrapping up, and messing up the cohesiveness of consciousness. It disrupts individuals and whole communities with its never ending supply of unpleasant and unequal splits. Deny the power of inequality -- greater or lessor -- and force it to equalize within the collective, rather than standing apart and splitting up.

Our prayer is that you embrace the remedy of denying the unequally divisive, and then with the eyes of a hawk and the heart of a dove, help inequality learn the lessons of inclusion. Be a master, or the world will learn this from time . . . which is a far more cruel and rude awakener of those in denial.

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