A Totally Informed Mastery


The alchemy of the collective human future will transform uninformed consciousness into a totally informed mastery . . . a reclaiming of the cosmic intelligence humans possess at their core. The four dimensional world, within this future, will be composed of many levels of actual and virtual reality . . . leading you to ask a revolutionary question. How deep, how many levels down into this virtuality, does life currently exist at? And before the answer to this quest comes, there's another question. What methodology or technology can be used to consciously enter the unaltered primacy -- the reality of reality? Scientists currently realize the Universe -- as you experience it every day -- is a hologram. The masters and mystics, on the other hand, have long understood that it’s far more than this . . . it’s a hologram, within a hologram, within a hologram recalibrated over and over some thirteen times. Current technology is working on placing a virtual "you" inside a hologram -- then inside a virtual-reality setting . . . all with the intention to manipulate three dimensional space that you’re only "virtually" occupying. This is identical to the non-local awareness that deep meditation has taught yogis for thousands of years. Read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, by Paramahansa Yogananda . . . there you’ll experience stories of his teacher, Swami Sri Yukteswar. He could "be" in more than one place . . . travel without measurable time . . . and much more. This was common to such masters before industrialization externalized the collective human alchemy. The practical takeaway here -- whatever is created on the outside, you already have on the inside; whatever you can imagine, you can achieve . . . and the alchemy of your conscious relationship to this holographic Universe, allows you safe passage to levels where maya [illusion] transforms into total awareness. Our prayer is that you believe in the miracles you are capable of; that you dedicate some of your time each day to accessing this informed mastery; that the person you are at your core, arrives where you live everyday . . . and you be you . . . no matter what.