A Sustainable Future


  Over the past three hundred years, human evolution on this Earth has become trapped in a carbon fuel deadlock. It started with whale oil, kerosene and coal -- then oil, diesel and gasoline. This fueled an age of building and inventing with the electron as a mechanism of power in electricity and light -- and contained fire as a mechanism that powered heavy motion. These systems are actually quite primitive when compared to the overall possibilities for energy, but it’s as far as humans on Earth have progressed in their trap. The capital profits from these modalities have blinded the human search into more sophisticated, far more advanced forms that don’t use carbon, or the electron; that don’t use fire, but still move great, massive loads across space and time. Magnetism and gravity are just two of these energies that humanity on other planets has discovered time and again. These are essential for any sustainable future to be possible.

The offshoots from carbon, found in solar, wind and nuclear power are just continuing the cycle of the bound electron . . . an extension of the same limited deadlock. This is the nature of linear progressions that rely on “bigger, faster and more.” It doesn’t come close to the supernatural progressions of the “completely different” -- which is essential to transform the means of this world at the source code level. These are the ways of cultures living on planets that are hundreds, thousands, and millions of Earth-years further into the future . . . all right now. Non-monetized public utilities -- where energy is an essential ‘common’ for the betterment of all life -- this transforms motion and consciousness where people live [for] each other . . . not just with, at, or against each other. These are the energies seen deep in the meditations of endless prosperity.

Our prayer is that you break this deadlock of capital and profit and inspire the children to see beyond their pleasures and sacrifices of the two, three and four dimensions, and begin a true future held within the spirit molecule of innovation and it's sub, sub, sub particles that will fuel a compassionate future.

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