A Soul Path


Life expresses itself through your finite body-glove as it's driven through your unique path of an infinite-oath, a kind of promise, by the Soul. You live through 8.4 million pre-human incarnations, and then 84,000 human births. Everyone starts out as mineral, through hundreds of thousands of lifetimes while you travel from the most opaque, to the translucent, and into the metals. You then pass through millions of plant lifetimes, progressing from the basic to the very complex. Throughout your next level, the animal births, you master their incredibly powerful expressions. Each of these existences has a mastery, a series of events, a part of the total of human characteristics. You are being prepared with countless lessons for your human evolution toward enlightenment. Yogi Bhajan once said, "It really doesn't matter if you believe in reincarnation or not . . . it happens anyway." All these creatures, plants and minerals, even now, deliver their messages and subtle reminders to your journey of the Soul . . . Are you noticing? For example, the message of a dog is loyalty; the opaque rock is steadfastness; the diamond is sheer clarity; the dolphin tremendous joy; the horse, to be direct -- a horse always knows where it stands. Our prayer is that you accept your current life as a part of an incredibly vast chain of events; learn from every moment you experience while blessing and receiving every one of every kind (minerals, plants, animals, insects and people) that experiences each of these moments with you. Fully fill this moment right here, right now . . . you've been born so many, many times . . . trust yourself, you have all these skills . . . you know how it's done.