A recipe for children of all ages


CREAM OF RICE FOR MY FRIEND REY I have a young friend, seven year old beautiful child Rey. She comes to mind often in the morning.

Here is her very favorite breakfast:



1 cup of jasmine rice 2 cups of water 1 can of coconut milk 3 dates pinch of cardamom Vanilla

Mix the rice in the blender with the coconut milk, dates spice and vanilla. Decorate the plate with some strawberries or bananas . . . or both ! This is a bowl of "real" cereals. You can use quinoa or millet but Rey's favorite is rice. This recipe made enough for a week.

No more boxes of colored sparkling pretend-food filled with sugar and who knows what…

Teach your children to eat well !

Written by Shant Joti. Shant Joti is a transformational life coach, healer, astrologer, expert in spiritual food and nutrition and kundalini yoga. If you would like to schedule a life-changing consultation with her, she can be reached at jomarechal@hotmail.com