A Mystic’s Dynamic Silence


A mystic’s dynamic silence: the ability to express the deepest wisdom without words. It’s a holistic way of being a masterful presence . . . a path to follow where you clearly walk your talk -- that doesn’t talk. Yogi Bhajan once told a story of his own Grandmother -- she was the village wisdom-keeper when he was a little boy in pre-partition India. He noticed she rarely spoke when people would seek her guidance, so he asked her why. She replied, "If your presence does not move a person, your words certainly won't." This is the very nature of a mystic’s dynamic silence . . . to literally bridge the dimensions of the moment -- simply with the presence of your being. How many times have you heard the incessant chatter that occupies the air around human life these days and thought . . . wow . . . what ever happened to contemplation? In today’s world there’s a complete lack of depth within many of the conversations. A mystic’s dynamic silence produces a powerful magnetic field that those around you can experience; it unifies the entire environment around key points of the unspoken wisdom, and nourishes everything and everyone within the field. It becomes an even stronger experience for those who can appreciate it and not question the motive. This is, in fact, the value of being appreciative; of being in gratitude . . . and being this way often. After all, you never know when you'll bump into someone, or something, who’s in this mystic’s space -- one who effortlessly connects your dots, and then connects you to them. You want to be prepared. Some of the most common of these mystics are small children, animals, days out in nature, and being around your devoted lover. Our prayer is that you are around such mystics and mystical places often; that you enjoy the joy of deeply listening to their silence whenever you are, and that you practice getting your own point across with just the twinkle in your eyes . . . it’s a real eye opener.